Lots of lighting companies claim to be different. We claim to have a giant five-headed Mongolian sky dragon! Actually, we don’t claim that. We just wanted to get your attention. Don’t worry though… you won’t be disappointed. Because, even though we don’t have anything that strange, we do offer something pretty special: a small, personal company with big resources. Unique service, specialty equipment, expendable sales and connections to an experienced crew base. Still… bring us to your show, and who knows what may show up with us. After all, just because we don’t claim to have, say, a giant flying robot monkey, doesn’t mean we don’t know where you can find one.


Cinesouth is more than truckloads full of lights, custom equipment and connections to talented crew; It’s also where they keep Bob Bates caged up in a padded cell. Bob began his career in the production industry in the early 90’s as a production assistant.  Before that, he had a short but amazing career as a unicorn juggler, but that isn’t relevant right now. Bob has worked for some pretty large and successful production companies, wearing every hat from production assistant, sound, grip, production manager, producer, AD and director. He also once wore THIS HAT, but, again, not relevant.  Bob has a great understanding of what it takes to make a production work –  working within budget constraints; dealing with production staff and ad agency personnel; and ensuring the client receives the best possible product on time, on budget, and bull &#!% free. In the film world, Bob has fine tuned his natural talent as a Gaffer. A student of lighting who lives in the classroom that is feature film production, he loves the creativity of shaping light and exposing the eye to an unforeseen aspect or mode of a scene. The point is, you can get lights from many places, but you can only get Bob from here. Bob doesn’t just help you light your set, he helps you live the dream, especially if that dream involves juggling unicorns. Ask him about how he can help you with that, too. (And you want one of those hats… maybe he can work something out as well.)

Supporting the Vision, Living the Dream